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Low Voltage Power Cables

Low Voltage Power Cables

LV Power Cables are rated up to 0.6/1 kV mainly used in electric distribution at the nearest end to users' items, i.e. machineries, equipments, appliances, lightings, power outlets, ets. The conductors are copper or aluminium, solid or stranded wires, can be compacted to shape round or sectored insulated cores. The size ranges from 1.5 up to 1,000 sq.mm per core and a cable may comprise 1 up to 5 insulated cores. Any cable protection may be applied, including construction and materials for direct burial and fire safety.

Control Cables are mainly used to activate equipment remotely located from the source of control or for other application like : Public Address, Alarm, Signaling, Electronic Banner, etc. They are multi-insulated-conductors in concentric or twisted-pair configuration, rated up to 1 kv with solid or stranded copper conductors 1 up to 6 sq.mm and may comprise up to 61 (concentric) or 100 (grouped-twisted pair) cores in a cable. For critical application, construction and materials for fire safety and mechanical protection may be applied.

Flexible Cables mainly used for power cord or internal wiring with low or medium mechanical stress for electrical equipment, machineries, luminaires and other portable appliances use in dry indoor premises and outdoor application.

Instrumentation cables are mainly used to transfer data from sensors or detectors. For transfer reliability, protection against electric interference and disturbance are one of the main issues. Individually shielded twisted pair and mechanical protection are mostly applied. Conductors are plain annealed or tinned solid / stranded copper ranges from 0.5 - 1.5 sq.mm

Thermocouple extension cables are used to transfer thermoelectric voltage from measuring junction to reference junction.